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  • Lovely La Conner


    We moved on from North Cascades National Park to the Thousand Trails La Conner Resort. The park is right on the Puget Sound and turned out to be a favorite of ours this summer. The weather was a perfect 80 degrees every day. Every night there was a great sunset and even Crosby seemed to […]

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  • Getting our Yodel on in Leavenworth

    From Cougar we headed North and stayed an uneventful night in the poorly named “Paradise RV Park”. The next day brought rain and a slog through Seattle traffic. We finally climbed into Cascades and rolled into the Leavenworth RV Campground. The campground is 18 miles from the faux Bavarian town of Leavenworth which turned out […]

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  • Up to Washington


    We finally left Oregon and ventured into Washington. Our first stop was Cougar, Washington close to Mt. St. Helens. We enjoyed a few nights in the bucolic small town staying at the Lone Fir Resort. Jaime had never visited Mt. Saint Helens and unfortunately the the weather wasn’t great when we went to the mountain. […]

  • Oregon
  • Going Coastal


    We spent a week on the beautiful Oregon Coast at Whaler’s Rest south of Newport. The weather was unfortunately a bit on the wet side for July. We did enjoy a couple of good beach days and sightseeing between showers.  We had to cut our trip short when Jaime’s tooth got infected and she had to […]

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  • Moochdocking


    For those not hip to RVing lingo, boondocking is a term for free camping usually in the boondocks somewhere. We have yet to boondock on this trip but have been doing plenty of moochdocking, staying in friends and family’s driveway and mooching off their electricity, internet, water, etc. After regaining my ankle mobility at my […]

  • Oregon
  • Summer Solstice


    We had high hopes for making the most of the longest day of the year and things went mostly to plan. The weather finally improved to a nice Central Oregon mid 70’s. I blew up our paddle boards and we took a cruise up the Little Deschutes River. There was enough of a current to […]

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  • Bend Sunriver RV Resort


    We successfully navigated to our first stop just South of Sunriver at the Thousand Trails Bend Sunriver RV Resort. It’s a pretty nice campground with access to the little Deschutes river. A drastic change in the weather has put a damper on our paddle board plans for now. Jaime’s parents (Texas contingency) have joined us […]